Monday, May 22, 2017

The "Gun-Free Zone" Myth

The anti-gun fools would like for all America to be a “gun-free zone,” in spite of the fact that “gun-free zones” are known “killing zones” that are sought out by those who want to kill people, or just rob them. This is PROVEN by the unalterable fact that MOST “mass shootings” occur IN “gun-free zones,” and there is no lack of gun violence performed in “gun-free zones” everywhere. In California, they passed a law allowing guns on campus, IF the school approved. Out of 977 schools in the state, only FIVE allowed them. Now they want to pass a law taking even that authority away from “school authorities.” They seem to be frightened of the whole idea of people carrying their guns legally on campus. Never mind that many people already carry their guns ILLEGALLY on campus. These laws are like all the other anti-gun fool laws, in that they only apply to those who OBEY laws while the REAL threats do NOT obey laws. (Orange County Register)

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