Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Ban Memorial Day!"

I swear, the anti-gun fools will try ANYTHING in their efforts to violate the Constitutional prohibition on laws that “infringe” on our right to be armed in self defense. Now the cops in Chicago (the “gun violence” capital of the country at all times) are blaming Memorial Day for an increase (over the usual) in gun violence on that day, as if it were at fault, rather than the gangs that are continually at war with each other, and most of whom are NOT “licensed carriers.” In fact, most gang members are too young to be legally allowed to have a gun, under ANY gun law, but do, anyway. If they'd “wake up” and crack down on gangs, maybe they could reduce gun violence in Chicago a little bit. But apparently, they aren't smart enough to realize that basic truth. They're putting 1,000 more officers on the street, to REACT to the gun violence that occurs on that day. (Fox 2 Now)

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