Tuesday, May 23, 2017

They Don't Get It

Many older people who profess to be “gun people” are disturbed by the “change” in the NRA from largely promoting hunting and sport shooting to “warlike” guns with “camo-like” finishes instead of “contoured fine wooden stocks and elegant inlays and engraving.” They just don't get the whole reason the Second Amendment was such an important part of the Constitution. The Founders weren't as much concerned with hunting and sport shooting rights as they were with the American people (all of them) being part of a “militia” the government could “call up” in the event of an emergency and they wanted them to bring their own guns so the government (which at the time was small and weak compared to now) would not have to pay to provide them. It's that simple, but the anti-gun fools want you to believe otherwise, that the Second was to preserve hunting and shooting sports. Such was the furthest thing from their minds. (Shall Not Be Questioned)

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