Friday, May 19, 2017

A Damfool "Study"

The anti-gun fools try everything they can to make gun owners look foolish. Now they're citing a flawed “study” at the University of Colorado School of Medicine that says if a teenager has guns in his home, or even in a friend's home, he's at higher risk for mental problems. On what they base that amazing result, I don't know. And I'll bet they don't know, either. This smacks of them “making it up,” which anti-gun fools do on a regular basis. And where better to find anti-gun fools than in a university? Of course, the “study” ignores the unalterable fact that MOST teenagers who have a close association with guns are in a street gang, and it is these who are responsible for the highest amount of “gun violence,” and that has nothing to do with guns in the home. Of course, the source is a known liberal outfit. (Colorado Public Radio)

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