Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It Didn't Work

Chicago put 1,000 extra cops on the streets in hopes of “stemming gun violence” over the Memorial day holiday. But it didn't work, as it never works with MOST of their actions to “stem gun violence” in Chicago. 52 people were shot during this period, and seven of them died, in spite of the increased police presence. One day, Chicago politicians might wake up to reality, that they need to do something about their gang problem, and that will reduce gun violence tremendously, But I doubt that will ever happen. It seems that ignorance is a requirement to BE a Chicago politician. One victim was a 15-year-old boy shot in the back in a drive-by shooting. He was killed, and his sister was wounded in the attack. Chicago will probably never check, but if they did, they'd probably find either a gang membership for this boy, or a refusal to join a gang as a reason for killing him. There was some action in that direction as they raided some gang hideouts and confiscated some guns. But it was apparently not enough. (Daily Caller)

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