Monday, March 27, 2017

Trying A New Tack

Now the anti-gun fools are trying to say that, since handguns didn't exist when the second Amendment was written, it doesn't cover them. But as usual, it's a fool try. Handguns DID exist at the time, but just not in the numbers they do now because they were so big and bulky, and hard to conceal. And that wouldn't make any difference, anyway. They speak of “being armed.” They don't detail what “being armed” actually MEANS. They meant that Americans should NEVER be debarred the ownership and use of firearms, no matter what form they take. It was for the purpose of self defense, and even self defense against the GOVERNMENT, as well as other criminals. They've got people working 24 hours a day trying to come up with a “magic bullet” that will allow them to disarm all Americans except those working for the government, at all levels. That's pretty obvious, since, every time they find people using alternative methods for self defense, they try and ban those, too. (Irons In the Fire)

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