Monday, March 6, 2017

Gun To A Bar Fight

Martin Knowles, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, got mad when he got kicked out of a bar for arguing with a man in a cast after stepping on his injured foot. So he came back later with an automatic weapon and a handgun, threatening everybody in the bar including that injured man's wife. So they took his guns away and beat the hell out of him and called the cops. The cops arrested him, charging him with many things, including menacing, and being a felon in possession of a gun. Knowles was charged some time ago with drug charges, and was therefore not allowed to legally have those guns--but he had them, anyway--until he pulled them on those bar patrons. Thus proving (again) that “gun laws” do NOTHING to prevent such people from getting their guns. And this guy was also an incompetent at handling those guns, because that guy in a cast took them away from him before the rest of the bar patrons beat the hell out of him. Cops ignored that beat-down when they got there. (Truth About Guns)

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