Wednesday, March 22, 2017

No Charges In Killing

A judge has cleared a civilian in the shooting death of a man who was beating the hell out of a sheriff's deputy and trying to get his gun to shoot him to death, according to reports. A local judge cleared him of murder charges in the death of the attacker. The sheriff publicly thanked him for saving his deputy's life. That he even had a CHANCE to face murder charges in this incident is a travesty, since he was saving this cop's life by killing the suspect, who refused to stop beating on the cop and trying to get his gun. The shooter had a carry permit, so no gun charges were indicated. At no time were there any 911 calls about this incident, although one person did stop to videotape it. That tells me a lot about the mentality of many people, who wanted to see a cop maybe killed, but didn't bother to call for any more help. Thank God this guy was there. Anti-gun fools continue to say these things don't happen. (Bearing Arms)

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