Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fearing Guns

Those who fear guns, themselves, are abdicating their responsibility for their own safety. It is an IRRATIONAL fear. Some call it “Hoplophobia.” That isn't a recognized medical description, but neither are the made-up words, “Islamaphobia,” “homophobia,” or “xenophobia,” words used to “criminalize” people who don't agree with somebody. I say “irrational fear” because they fear ALL guns, wherever they're pointed. You should NOT fear a gun pointed away from you, or just sitting on a table. Without somebody's hand on it, it can't hurt you. This irrational fear is purposely instilled in some people, usually as children. Anti-gun fools make a big thing out of children finding guns and killing themselves or others, in their lack of knowledge. Yet they are adamantly AGAINST the NRA training that can prevent this. And they make up numbers by calling a 35-year-old woman gun victim a CHILD victim. (The Federalist)

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