Friday, March 31, 2017

Her Death Was "Safer"

Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him. A restraining order that would do no better than “paper against scissors,” it seems. If you're planning bloody murder, would a paltry restraining order slow you down? The advocate was still on the phone with her while she was being murdered. The advocate could actually hear the killer's voice, arguing with the victim, just before the call “came to the end.” The killer thought he had to kill her so he could move on with his own life. He will be able to do that--in prison. And maybe will die there, hopefully. (Palm Beach Post)

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