Friday, March 10, 2017

It's A "Good Cause"

When I got a carry permit in Indiana years ago, they required me to come up with a “good reason” why I needed it. Not being very political in those days, I didn't question the requirement. I just told them I had occasion to have a lot of money on me on weekends, since banks weren't open on weekends then, and night deposit was a hassle. But this case is all about that requirement, and the fact that it is an “infringement” on our constitutional right to be armed in self defense. The Ninth Circuit (bless 'em) upheld the decision of a lower court, saying the constitutional right was “sufficient “good cause” and nothing further is needed. So it is going to the Supreme Court now, and one can only hope they consider it after Judge Gorsuch is on the Court. (Breitbart)

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