Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Disarming America

That seems to be the goal of the anti-gun fools. Every law, every regulation they propose, make Americans defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL gun already out there in the hands of all kinds of “bad guys,” none of which wish us well. I don't know how they figure that will stop gun violence. You CAN'T stop criminals from getting guns. They usually don't get their guns legally, anyway. But every law the anti-gun fools promote make honest people defenseless, while doing NOTHING to hinder the use of guns by the “bad guys.” In fact, their laws make it easier for them to victimize honest, law-abiding people. Gun-free zones, for example. The theory is that, is people aren't allowed, by law, to bring their guns there, that will solve the problem. But the “bad guys” don't OBEY laws, leaving law-abiding people defenseless against them. Gun safes, trigger locks, and all the other devices they force us to use, likewise. They make it impossible to get the guns we do have in operation fast enough to effectively oppose a “bad guy,” who doesn't follow the rules. By so doing, they simply get people killed, while doing NOTHIING to “stem gun violence. You'd think they'd learn that, but apparently they don't have sufficient intelligence to do so. (Just common sense)

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