Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Death to Their Cause

Liberal anti-gun fools (a redundancy, there) hate judge Gorsuch, because they know he is “death to their cause” of disarming every man or woman in America. They know that, if he is confirmed, it will make the Supreme court more “friendly” to non-liberal causes for a long time. And they can't have that, so they're trying everything they can to derail his confirmation. I don't know who they think will arise after him in this administration to replace him if they succeed, but he will probably be worse, for their purposes, than Gorsuch. For them, it's a losing proposition. And looking forward to the NEXT Supreme Court appointee is even worse, for them. Because if it comes while Trump is still president (which it probably will, with two current members already talking about retirement), it will change the makeup of the Court for decades to come. They KNOW Gorsuch is a “gun-friendly” judge, and they are TERRIFIED he will be confirmed. Which will ruin their chances to make Americans defenseless for a long time, as he rules properly on the Second Amendment, and creates rulings that will make it even harder on them. (National Shooting Sports Foundation)

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