Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Trace" Gets It Right

I don't usually talk positively about The Trace, because it's mostly an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But I guess even a broken clock can be right, twice a day. Now they're running a story saying that “gun control doesn't work.” Maybe some of them are waking up to reality. Their specific complaint is that, in SPITE of stiff laws against guns and high-capacity magazines, cops are STILL confiscating record numbers of such guns and magazines. Noticeably absent in this article is reference to other anti-gun laws such as “no-gun zones” and all others in force now that similarly do NOTHING to “stem gun violence.” The reason for that is a “deadly fallacy” in ALL such laws; the idea that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a living, will OBEY the gun laws. Meanwhile, all the high capacity magazines coming in from other states likewise are ILLEGAL. Criminals just don't give a damn about their anti-gun laws, as we know them, so far. (Trace)

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