Monday, March 27, 2017

Terrorist's Favorite Weapon

No, it's not the gun. Not in this country, anyway, yet. And any difficulty getting guns has nothing to do with it. They just like killing us with things we wouldn't want to ban, like trucks. Or cars. Or knives. It's not the ease they have in GETTING them, it's just the whole idea of killing us with everyday items like that, or even a pressure cooker bomb. They will still use guns, of course, as they get further along in their plans to kill as many people who don't believe in their silly “religion” as they can. Unlike other religions, intelligent people refuse to “knuckle under” and so, must be threatened with DEATH if they don't “convert,” leading to mostly “conversions on the outside,” but not in the inside. People who CLAIM to have been “converted” so they won't be murdered, but who still believe otherwise. They only “go through the motions” of being Muslims. Letting people have guns for self defense will remove that necessity—but the anti-gun fools will never hear of that. (Wall St. Journal)

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