Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump Gun-Control Bill?

Democrat Joe Munchin is hinting that Trump might solve his problems between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus by sponsoring some anti-gun legislation. And Munchin is just the man to spearhead it. Trump is “between a rock and a hard place with Congress, between the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats , who seem to all want to stop or delay everything he tries to do, and Munchin seems to think anti-gun legislation will help resolve those differences. Especially if it goes the way Democrats want it to go. But there's a problem; if he DOES allow more restrictive anti-gun legislation, he's going to lose a big part of his loyal followers. He will certainly lose me. I want to see him succeed, but not at the expense of our gun rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Not that he's worried about my support, but there are a BUNCH of people who think the same way I do, and in numbers, there is strength. (Hot Air)

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