Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stupid Reasoning

Gun grabbers say that if we could just do more research on guns, there'd be “no more murders.” As IF! That's like their damned fool notion that making a LAW against honest people carrying guns will keep CRIMINALS from carrying them. It's stupid. But you can't budge them in their beliefs. They're “set in stone.” They actually think they can make LAWS that will “eliminate guns forever!” They IGNORE all the cases of known felons who have guns, anyway, and who bring them into “gun-free zones,” in spite of the laws and “rules” that say, “no guns here!” “Researchers” who DO some “research” on the subject rely mostly on “facts” accumulated by a known anti-gun fool outfit whose only interest is making it harder for honest people to have guns for self defense, The “Gun Violence Archive.” They say the questions they ask in their “research” are, “Can we make guns safer or more child-proof?” and “What are the most effective ways to keep guns out of kids' hands?” NEVER on how to TEACH kids about guns and the fact that they're NOT toys and are dangerous, so they won't be as inclined to “play” with them, which is taught by the “hated” NRA. They IGNORE these efforts on the part of the NRA and look only at their efforts to preserve our constitutional right to own and use guns for self defense. (Las Vegas Sun)

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