Monday, October 10, 2016

He's Absolutely Right!

An Alabama police chief is getting a lot of flack (from Muslims and Muslim-lovers, of course) for saying they ought to “dip their bullets in bacon grease” to fight Muslim extremists because Muslims fear ANYTHING that has anything to do with pigs. And he's right. Doing something like that can be a “death knell” to the Islamic terrorist movement, because that's their main weakness. That's too strong a teaching to eliminate. Of course, the Muslims and Muslim-lovers will scream to high heaven when he says it, and that's a good thing. Anything they fear so much can only be a winner for us. Muslims call it “religious bigotry,” but that's a phony charge, using their usual con. It has nothing to do with religion—at least, not on our side. It's simply a common sense answer to their murderous actions. If they didn't demonize pigs and everything that has anything to do with them, this wouldn't strike fear into the hearts of those who want to KILL us. Objecting to this shows plainly their intent. The more flack he gets over this, the more it shows their intent. (Law Newz)

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