Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Destroy the Gun Industry?

That's what Hillary wants to do. She really thinks she can, and if she does, that will stop violent crime. Apparently, she's as stupid as the rest of the gun-grabber fools. If she ever managed to be successful in getting elected (which is highly unlikely), look for the knife industry to thrive. Look for knife deaths to increase markedly. That, and deaths from other tools and causes, such as clubs, saps, bush knives, bare hands, and explosives. Even bare hands. Meanwhile, the cops will be helpless to stop it, because they will have no guns, either. They have to obey even stupid laws. At the same time, guns will continue to flow into the United States from foreign sources (as usual), but at a faster rate. The cops will not have guns, so the criminals, who will get their guns regardless, will rule supreme. This is the kind of thinking ALL liberals do, never thinking about the RESULTS of their damned fool “laws.” And who suffers? Not those damned fool politicians. They will still have their armed security (they'll exempt themselves and their "security.") and they, like the criminals,will still get THEIR guns, also from foreign sources. (Truth About Guns)

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