Tuesday, October 25, 2016

No Guns In Restaurants

The usually short-sighted anti-gun fools are asking, “Why would you need a gun in a restaurant?” Why, indeed? Maybe they should ask the woman in Texas who had to leave her legally-carried gun in the car because the restaurant she was going to with her parents was a “gun-free zone,” and had to watch while some fool came in and shot up the restaurant and KILLED her parents. Or the employees of a Waffle House that was recently held up at gunpoint. Or the people in many other restaurants (like Panera Bread, a “soup and sandwich chain that is a “gun-free zone.” Yes, why would you need a gun in a restaurant? For the same reason you need one anywhere else. To repulse a would-be shooter who doesn’t care that the restaurant is a “gun-free zone.” People who want to rob restaurants or just “shoot them up” don’t OBEY laws, or especially a “corporate rule.” In fact, they SEARCH OUT such places because he figures he won’t meet a “concealed carrier” who will thwart his plans by killing him. (WTVM 9)

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