Monday, October 31, 2016

"Men With Guns"

How long can Nicholas Meduro remain in power in Venezuela after 80% of the citizens signaled they wanted him out? Quite a while, I guess, as long as he continues to have the loyalty of “men with guns.” Government guns, that is. No one else is supposed to have any, since the government made private gun ownership a crime. This shows you what will happen if there were no legal guns in a country, except those in the hands of cops and government agents (except for illegal guns, of course). Now they’re killing cops for their guns! The “will of the people” is IGNORED. What would happen if Venezuela had the equivalent of the Second Amendment, you ask? He wouldn’t be around for long, and that’s what OUR politicians fear. That’s why they try so hard to DISARM us as they work HARD to take away one right after another, and take more power over us, while making us pay for it. They know the only thing that keeps them from taking COMPLETE power is the fact that so many people have LEGAL guns. So they want to put a stop to that, as quickly as they can. And failing that, they want to make the guns we do have USELESS. (Gun Watch)

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