Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"No Training For Children"

Shannon Watts, boss of “Moms For No Guns (or some such),” one of the best known anti-gun fool outfit scoffs at the idea of teaching children gun safety. She says, “We teach gun safety to ADULTS.” Of course, this discounts entirely the FACT that if children KNEW something about guns (how dangerous they are, that they’re not playthings, and they can KILL you), they might be less likely to play with the guns in their home and maybe kill themselves or somebody else. The fact is, they KNOW where the guns are, no matter how hard we try to hide them. I certainly did when I was a child, and I predictably got in trouble because of it, though fortunately I didn’t kill myself, or anybody else. Though my dad had to control himself to keep from killing ME for getting into it. As usual, her sights are squarely on the GUN, and how to take away our right to self-defense and to own and carry the means to that, a gun. She is very short-sighted, as are ALL anti-gun fools. (Shannon Watts/Twitter)

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