Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lying Statistics

That's what the anti-gun fools use to convince people who don't know any better that lots of toddlers are killing people with their parent's guns. They use photos of toddlers with their hand on a gun to illustrate their pamphlets and ads. The “Statistics” they cite include teenagers (adults) up to 19 (street gang members) as “toddlers.” This is the kind of tomfoolery they've been using for many years, and will continue to use for many more if we allow it. The “anti-gun lobby” is, if not the biggest lying organization around, they are “right near the top. Don't trust ANY of their claims. They're probably twisted, or include people that they “include” in their statistics, but don't belong there. There's a reason for that: they HAVE no real statistics to cite. So they have to make them up and twist existing statistics to “prove” their narrative. (Washington Free Beacon)

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