Monday, October 31, 2016

"Get Around the Constitution"

They can’t just BAN guns. So they do everything they can to first, make guns UNUSABLE, and then they do everything they can to make gun use a “hardship” by passing laws to make gun makers and sellers liable for damages in every case where a gun they made or sold was used to commit a crime—like they are really responsible for MISUSE of the guns they’ve sold, LEGALLY, following all the stupid “gun laws.” Next, they'll let auto victims sue makers and sellers of CARS any time there's an accident. Many of their “gun laws” work to make it impossible to get a LEGAL gun into action fast enough to defend against an ILLEGAL gun in the hands of a “bad guy,” which gets honest, law-abiding people KILLED. Others only give authorities a list of LEGAL gun owners, completely IGNORING the fact that the MAJORITY of crimes are committed by people with ILLEGAL guns. They haven’t figured out a law yet that can do ANYTHING about “gun violence,” but they keep making them, anyway, DISARMING honest people, while criminals still get their guns, and there is NO RECORD of who has an ILLEGAL gun, anywhere. Until AFTER the crime. Meanwhile, half of the ”anti-gun organizations” who support Hillary Clinton only exist on paper as a name, and use of a fax machine probably that can be found in Mike Bloomberg’s office. (America’s First Freedom)

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