Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sec. of State Bloomberg?

Damn! What a horrible prospect THAT is! The most prolific “gun-grabber” on the planet running the State Department! Can there BE anything more frightening? Yes, there can. Hillary being president and able to appoint him. You think he can't do anything because of the Constitution? Just look at what OBAMA does! Deny the states the return of PART of their OWN money if they refuse to “knuckle under” to his illegal demands! You put that kind of power in the hands of somebody like Bloomberg at your own peril. We were lucky to survive when HILLARY was Sec. Of State, only because of her ignorance on how to wield that power. Of course, she has learned since, and giving her four years of time to learn more is very dangerous. If you elect her, nobody is going to escape the effect of her presidency. We will become a socialist country in effect, if not in FACT. And if you work and earn your way, YOU will be victimized—count on it. (Just common sense)

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