Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Only Cops Should Have Guns"

John Legend (whom I've never heard of, but apparently a lot of people have) says, cops are prone to kill “innocent” blacks. But “only cops should have guns.” I've said, many times, that liberals don't use logic. That they don't even know what it is, and DENY it's very existence. Then people like this Legend character come out of the woodwork and prove me right, again and again. Meanwhile, that “Black lives matter” gang of fools wants to establish “cop-free zones” where their members can commit their crimes, unbothered by a cop. I sure hope if they're actually taken seriously (and in this day and age, with liberals running things everywhere, somebody may well do it), I don't live in one of their “cop-free zones” where cops aren't allowed. Because if it happens, and one of them accosts me, he's going to DIE. Legend blames “cops being nervous and quick to shoot” on all the gun violence, ignorant of the fact that almost ALL of it is committed by ILLEGAL gun owners, something ALL their laws can do NOTHING about. He says that, in places where guns are prohibited, their violent crime rates and suicide rates go down, and he's wrong. Just the opposite is true. Crime rates SOAR, and so do suicide rates. They still use guns, usually obtained ILLEGALLY. (Breitbart)

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