Friday, February 3, 2017

This Ignorant Politician

There is no shortage of ignorant politicians in office. How they got there is anybody's guess, but they're there, and must be dealt with. One such ignorant politician is Senator Chris Murphy (Democrat, of course) says Americans will be safer if they had no guns with which to defend themselves against the plethora of Islamic terrorists still coming in, in advance of Trump's coming order to put a stop to it. He thinks being unarmed when one of those terrorists come to kill you will make you safer. This kind of ignorance is common among Democrat politicians. Yet we (not me) keep electing them, and they keep getting people killed by not allowing them to have a gun, which is the best means of defending themselves. He thinks, like most anti-gun fools, that to allow law-abiding people to be armed would create more gun crime. Something that would not happen, but don't try to convince them, fools, all. (Grabien News)

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