Saturday, February 11, 2017

Prosecute Constitution Abuse

Trump was elected president largely on the votes of those who wanted to retain their right to be armed in self defense. He promised to support the Second Amendment, and he could do that by instructing his new Attorney General to take legal action against states that pass laws and make regulations that infringe on people's rights under the Second Amendment. DOJ has prosecuted states in other cases involving violations of the constitution, and this would be right and proper. Washington, DC and Chicago, for instance, have made several laws that have been DECLARED unconstitutional, So they remake the law in almost identical fashion, and pass it, enforcing it until the next time it is declared unconstitutional, fining people big money, end even imprisoning some. This should cause those politicians involved to be subject to lawful indictment and prosecution. This can be done, and it would reassure potential gun owners that he meant what he said. (Second Amendment Foundation)

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