Saturday, February 18, 2017

Really That Stupid?

"Teachers will kill their Students!' That's what politicians say about the law they are debating now in SC to allow teachers and other school staff to be armed, so they can stop a potential school mass shooter before he can kill lots of kids. Kill their students? Very doubtful, unless a student comes at them with his own gun and tries to kill THEM (and there are gang members in school who might). They say if the teacher "stashes his gun in his desk, a kid could get his hands on it, and kill a few people. As if the teacher isn't smart enough to keep the gun on his person and CONTROL access to it. They always base their objections on what "might" happen if the gun holder is completely stupid and irresponsible--which they would be TRAINED not to be. They think teachers are really STUPID and can't be trusted to be armed, They are actually thinking of themselves. (Post and Courier)

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