Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Trend

Politicians are “waking up to reality” and making laws allowing people to carry their guns for self defense without the bother and expense of getting a “permit.” They're beginning to realize they don't have the right to limit that right for Americans. The Second Amendment to the Constitution prevents that. New Hampshire is the latest state to “wise up,” having passed a law to allow their citizens to carry guns without a permit. Eleven states already have such laws, and 16 are working on legislation to allow it. And it's happening with more and more frequency, as more politicians begin to realize on which side of the bread is the butter. Shannon Watts, founder of “MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) says such laws are an anomaly, but the frequency with which they are being passed suggests otherwise. I think SHE is the anomaly. (Washington Post)

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