Friday, February 24, 2017

2 Hour Response Time

That's how long it took for the cops to arrive on a home invasion call in Detroit, recently. What better reason to allow private citizens to have their own guns for self defense, and to carry same without “abridgment” of the Second Amendment guarantee that NO LAWS can be made to abridge that right. Luckily, that family wasn't harmed, by the grace of God. But they were trapped in their home for 30 minutes while the bad guys rifled their home. Some of the intruders left during the invasion, probably to get the stolen items out of the house and in storage, so they won't be stolen from THEM. The one guy left tried to leave, but was held for the cops when they FINALLY arrived. Hopefully, he'll “rat out” his accomplices. The dispatcher who “dropped the ball” will be punished, maybe fired, and that is only right. That dispatcher's incompetence could have gotten somebody killed. One gun in the house, in the hands of one of those living there, could have made all the difference. But the “gun laws” in Detroit will not allow it, leaving their citizens defenseless. (WXYZ 7)

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