Thursday, February 23, 2017

They Can't Tell the Truth

So the anti-gun fools systematically lie about guns. One way they lie is to cite figures from sources that KNOWINGLY lie to promote “gun laws." One such source is the Mass Shooting Tracker, (MST) one used often by the liberal media. MST openly brags about “using a different method” to define mass shootings that inflates the number of mass shootings by a factor of TEN! Their method is used “to punch holes in the NRA's argument.” The NRA is the National Rifle Association, the most successful pro-gun organization. If you have to LIE to “punch holes in their argument,” you're being DISHONEST. Their phony 'figures' are regularly used by the Washington Post and PBS and others to make it look like mass shootings happen much more often than they do. The liberal media is dishonest, but this is RAW! (Daily Caller)

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