Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Obama Lacked Backbone"

Chris Cox, of NRA-ILA says, Obama lacks the political backbone to keep Chicago from becoming a national disgrace." He even sent them his chief of staff (Rahm Emanuel) to be their mayor, and nothing he did (which was mostly nothing) did any good. The bodies just kept piling up, while Emanuel told Islamic terrorists disguised as "refugees," that "You are safe in Chicago" while the bodies kept piling up. Meanwhile, the terrorists will meet their match in Chicago's gangs, who are regularly engaged in their own war, and won't hesitate to shoot any terrorists who get in their way. That's what they do to their neighbors, after all. Cox said controlling the "gun crime" in Chicago is simple: you punish use of a gun in crime severely, and let honest, law-abiding citizens have the means to defend themselves. But neither Emanuel, or any other anti-gun fool will hear of that, so the killing continues--but it Trump has anything to say about it (and he will), it will stop--or at least be reduced to manageable proportions. (Breitbart)

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