Saturday, February 25, 2017

He's Got It Right!

Georgia Rep. Eddie Lumsden recognizes that the Second Amendment is a RIGHT, not a privilege, as other politicians maintain. There isn't ANYTHING in the Bill of Rights that is a “privilege,” but those politicians aren't intelligent enough to realize it. Or they don't WANT to realize it, in their zeal to disarm all America and make them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who are pouring into America every day, ready to KILL all who don't convert to their perverted “religion.” Declaring it a privilege is part and parcel of the anti-gun fools' campaign to keep Americans defenseless. And they're losing, as witness the multiple failures of their “common sense gun laws” in Congress, and in legislatures, all over the country. There's a good reason why they're losing; they're going not only against the Second Amendment, but against the will of the American people, as well. (Bearing Arms)

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