Friday, February 17, 2017

"DC Gun Laws Work" (?)

They say their gun laws have kept DC safe for years. Hardy har, har (giggle, gurgle!)! Thanks, Newsweak, I needed a good laugh, and that's the best one I've had all week. They call Trump's words "extreme and divisive," and that his rhetoric is "little more than empty promises." They are disturbed that he is KEEPING his promises. One of their "fears" is that Trump will "mess with" DC's gun laws, which they say have "protected DC for years." Why then, does DC rank right up there, right behind Chicago as one of the most dangerous places in which to live, because of all the gun violence? Now let's look at the FACTS, rather than fantasy: There is a distinct UPTICK in gun violence in DC this year, just as there has been for all recent years. That's what this magazine ignores. They're running an average total of almost 500 gun crimes a year, and Chicago has to "step lively" to stay ahead of them. And Newsweak has the audacity to say their laws have made DC safer? I have to giggle every time I think of how DUMB they are! (Newsweak)

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