Saturday, January 14, 2017

"We Must Disarm Everyone"

That's the opinion of a local Democrat in Florida. Fla. Rep. Evan Jenne doesn't even think how helpless people feel if they're all unarmed while some fool is shooting everyone in sight. Ft. Lauderdale is considering making it legal for concealed carriers to bring their guns into unsecured areas of airports, as is done in 44 other airports without appreciable problems. I guess he thinks if the average person was "allowed" to bring their guns there they'd "go crazy" and shoot the place up, as this guy did. Even if it was illegal to carry a gun into unsecured areas, this guy would have done so, anyway. A man bent on killing a bunch of people isn't going to be bothered about violating a piddling "gun-free zone" policy, and most mass shooters actually LOOK for gun-free zones in which to do their killing because they figure that will be a safer area for them if no one else is armed. Jenne thinks (he says) if there were numerous armed people there, it would confuse the cops as to who the shooter was. I disagree. It wouldn't be hard, since that mass shooter would be DEAD. He also thinks a lot of guns around would get a lot of people killed, which is the usual horse manure put out by anti-gun fools. These are the kind of lawmakers we (not me) elect, which is why we get so many ATTEMPTS to violate our constitutional right to be armed. (Breitbart)

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