Monday, January 9, 2017

Appointing Gun Haters

If anybody wonders why thee are so many silly gun laws out there that just don't work, it's because we tend to elect gun-haters to office, and they predictably appoint more gun-haters to their subsidiary offices. As has happened many times in California, and is happening again, as Xavier Becarra has been appointed California Attorney General, and Eric Holder, former US Attorney General is appointed to another office which is specifically designed to oppose and fight any and all of Donald Trump's actions. Both are confirmed gun-haters. Becerra has consistently voted, in Congress, to take away your gun rights, so there's no mistaking his position on gun rights. Trump's new attorney general will be one of the few such to be in the gun owner's corner, which makes Holder's new position that much more important to California. (America's First Freedom)

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