Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crafty If Not Wise

I have to say that "MOMS Against Guns" (or some such) are a crafty bunch. They think up all kinds of things to get noticed. That's necessary, when you have no real message, which they don't. They want one thing: to violate the Constitution of the United States of America, which states categorically that "the right of Americans to be armed shall not be abridged." And everything they try is an ABRIDGMENT of those rights. They have ONE GOAL in mind: to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It's that simple. Many of their ideas are even unsavory--like their planned "pussy hats march," hoping to disrupt Trump's first days in office. But I believe he will ignore them, as all intelligent people do, no matter how "down and dirty" they get. Hmmmm....I wonder who put up the money for those 80 buses. Could it be George Soros? Or the Democrat Party? Or both? (The Hour)

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