Saturday, January 28, 2017

De Facto Gun Ban

In Oregon, the governor (whose campaign for election was largely financed by chief anti=gun fool Mike Bloomberg) is using "loopholes" in the law to form a de facto gun ban, Example: gun purchases that must be "vetted" by the state police can be held up literally FOREVER by bureaucratic foot-dragging. Meanwhile, the applicant, who may be in grave danger when applying, is killed. There are many other ways this is being done and Oregon Governor Kate Brown (a liberal Democrat, of course) is using all of them, and doing everything she can to create more ways to cause "foot-dragging" that constitutes a de facto gun ban. And if she is successful, you can depend upon other states run by liberals to take notice and do likewise. This kind of thing is despicable, but it is something people who value their right to self defense must deal with. There's a picture with the article linked here, showing her and her friends grinning like idiots while she signs these things into law. (Oath Keepers)

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