Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crook Got A Surprise

He thought this 78-year-old man who came out every day to pick up his paper was going to be "easy pickings." He jumped out of his pickup and put a gun to the man's head, demanding his money. But while pulling out his wallet and giving it to him, he brought out his gun, which he was also in the habit of carrying when he picked up his paper, and blew him away. He jumped in his pickup and ran, but the cops later found him dead, and the man will get his wallet back. That's a result we need to see more of: a robbery victim blowing his robber away. That will ultimately reduce gun violence, as it cuts down on the number of criminals willing to take a chance on getting blown away by his intended victim, or just by reducing the number of live criminals, period. No charges are planned, although the Grand Jury will take a look at the killing, if any prosecutor is dumb enough to bring charges. (The Blaze)

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