Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Another Trend

And one the anti-gun fools HATE! Seventeen states will soon allow concealed carry without a permit. I predict that gun crime will ultimately go down in those states after a short spike while law-abiding people kill those with ILLEGAL guns who want to victimize them. Apparently, many politicians, in many states, are "wising up" to the reality that they can't stop those who wish to do ill from getting their illegal guns, and that honest, law-abiding people need to be able to "level the playing field" by being armed, themselves. Back a hundred years ago, out West, anyway, they realized that fact, before the fools who lived in the "civilized East" spread their poison westward. They CLAIM that allowing everybody to be armed caused a "wild west atmosphere" that led to many people being killed. But "Westerns" aside, very few people were killed by "gunslingers," and each time it happened, it reduced their numbers by one. I hope I'm still alive when all 50 states have similar laws, but I probably won't be, (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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