Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Incredible Stupidity

Cops are REQUIRED to be armed while on duty. Michael Zuby, a cop in Pennsylvania who was also employed by Wal-Mart for security, entered the store while on duty as a cop to buy something. His boss at the store told him he had to "get rid of the gun" while in the store, to which he replied that he was required by law to be armed while he was on duty, he was on duty, and refused. So they FIRED him and even asked his police chief not to send HIM to the store if they called for police assistance. That request was also refused. So he is suing Wal-Mart for their incredible stupidity in REQUIRING an on-duty COP to disarm himself while on duty and firing him as security for the store when he refused. Nobody ever said private employers were smarter than politicians, and this proves it. It reminds me of the "concealed carry" law in one state where the gun carried must be UNLOADED. Stupid! I suppose they think an ILLEGALLY-armed bad guy will politely wait while he loads his gun when attacked. (WREG)

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