Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Their Prayers Answered

The anti-gun fools PRAY for a situation in which a gun rights advocate is charged with a gun crime and then denied the right to have a gun because of it, so they could "crow" and say things like "Most gun rights activists are "gun bullies" and most of them probably have visions of shooting somebody." But the TRUTH is, "most of them" do NOT "dream of shooting somebody," and are NOT "gun bullies." Such situations are so RARE that it makes news when it happens. That it is common is only in the fevered IMAGINATION of the "ANTI-gun bullies." With ALL the people who legally carry a gun, they found this ONE situation where a "gun advocate" lost it in an argument with his wife. But notice it only took the screams of his children to "calm him down." Apparently, he had no intention to shoot his wife, and his CHILDREN stopped him from making threatening moves. It's too bad he did that, but it just proves again it's NOT the gun, but the PERSON holding the gun that can be a problem. Legal gun, or not. (Charlotte Observer)

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