Monday, January 2, 2017

Gaby's Defenseless Ship

Gabby Giffords now has a Navy ship named after her. Appropriately, the ship's best feature it its ability to run way if attacked. It's guns are HALF as able as the guns mounted on most warships. Gabby is best known for her anti-gun efforts after being shot in the head and surviving, thus getting her brains scrambled. That fact has become obvious by her subsequent actions, which are basically to make honest, law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against people like the man who almost killed her. She just can't tell the difference between DEFENSIVE gun use and CRIMINAL gun use. So naming a ship whose best feature is it's ability to OUTRUN the enemy after her is very appropriate. She's probably happy about that, as an effectively ARMED ship is against her newfound principles. A mostly disarmed ship is something of which she would approve. The ship is one of several whose very existence is a monument to governmental inefficiency. This is an example of the kind of story liberals (Democrats) hate, because it reveals truths they wish we didn't know. (Breitbart)

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