Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tyke Does the Right Thing

An 8-year-old girl was walking along a road with her parents and found a gun that turned out to be loaded. Instead of picking it up and maybe shooting herself or someone else, like uninstructed children sometimes do, she went immediately to her mom and told her about it, like the NRA teaches children to do when they find a gun. The cops were called, found the gun to be loaded, and heaped praise on her for "doing the right thing." Did the anti-gun fools do likewise? Surely you jest! The anti-gun fools didn't take the time or effort to praise her. All they did was vilify guns--and the NRA--as usual. Would that we could teach more toddlers to do this, but the anti-gun fools say there's no such program. Wait--there IS!--the NRA has one, but the anti-gun fools want to IGNORE everything GOOD the NRA does. So they deny it. Everything they do proves that all they want to do is DISARM law-abiding people--and that's ALL. And they lie a lot, to do it. The NRA's "Eddie Eagle" gun safety program has been HATED by anti-gun fools since 1998. They'd rather see dead or injured kids than allow ANY NRA program to succeed. (Gun Free Zone)

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