Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Will That Work?

The Dumocrats have introduced legislation to BAN the gun used to STOP the shooter in his Texas church killings--as if that would stop similar killings. Which proves again the anti-gun fools just want to disarm everybody. I should point out that this shooter WAS a felon, and gun ownership was DISALLOWED for him. But he got four guns, anyway. What kind of a law would have stopped him? Can anybody tell me? I'd really like to know--if anybody has an answer, tell me. My e-mail address is above, to tell me directly. But frankly, I'll guarantee you nobody will be able to come up with ANYTHING that will WORK, because there ISN'T anything that will work, outside of allowing law-abiding citizens to own and carry their own guns for self defense--which the anti-gun fools will not hear of. They ridicule the very suggestion, in their ignorance. They think if we allow the law-abiding to carry guns, they'll "go wild" and kill each other over trivialities, completely ignoring the fact that owners of ILLEGAL guns are doing that, already. Mostly gang members, who will kill you if you step foot on "their turf." And none of them have gun permits anyway, because most of them are too young to qualify and the older ones just don't give a damn. (Breitbart)

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