Thursday, November 30, 2017

Banned Guns Kill Hundreds

In Egypt, where automatic weapons are BANNED for use by citizens (but not for the government agents, of course), Islamic terrorists used them to murder more than 200 Egyptian Muslims who were attending a Mosque. They used a bomb to get them to flee the Mosque, then shot them down like dogs as they fled, Then later, they, themselves, were blown to kingdom come by the government, which tracked them down and blew them to hell. Oops! I bet they didn't expect that! But the whole point here is that the very guns they used were BANNED in a country which does not have a Second Amendment, but they had those guns, anyway. How did they get them? Illegally, of course, again proving laws against guns do NOTHING to stop criminals or terrorists from getting them. Yet they keep making them. (Daily Wire)

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