Friday, November 3, 2017

"Concealed Carry Increases Gun Crime"

At least, that's what this article says. It begins with the story of a cop being shot investigating a domestic violence incident, but fails to mention whether or not the shooter would have been denied his gun rights if such a law existed. Most of the increase in gun deaths were, of course, suicides. Of the slight increase in homicides, no mention is made of how many "homicides" were law-abiding people shooting criminals, since anti-gun fools commonly conflate those with unlawful murders to get their phony numbers. That's how they get the numbers that allow them to run articles like this with a misleading headline. Yes, gun killings WILL increase for a while, as law-abiding people shoot criminals who come to victimize them. They talk about the W. Virginia law "allowing criminals easier access to guns," completely ignoring the fact that it is much easier to buy a gun ILLEGALLY than it is to get one legally. And most criminals have guns they never register with any "authority." They just don't bother. (Williamson Daily News)

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