Friday, June 16, 2017

Just Like I Said

Private gun owners DO make a difference in crime, contrary to what anti-gun fools say, and here is yet another example: two bloody murderers escaped prison after murdering two guards with their own guns. They ransacked a house for clothes, food, and money. Fortunately for the owners of the house, they weren't at home, or they'd have been killed, too. Then they stole yet another car so the cops wouldn't know what they were driving. But that didn't do them any good, either, for they were soon involved in a gunfight with cops that had them fleeing through the woods to yet another house, where they tried to steal yet another car. But the homeowner, a “badass” himself, stopped them and held them at gunpoint until the cops arrived and took them into custody. They wisely did not name the homeowner in the news reports, apparently to keep from making him a target for their friends. “Don't mess with Texas,” of course, but don't mess with this Tennessee resident, either. (The Daily Wire)

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