Thursday, June 15, 2017

Unarmed Cops Baffle Citizens

They just can't figure out WHY several countries put UNARMED cops on the streets, KNOWING that most, if not ALL neer-do-wells are likely to be armed. And they can't figure out the fuddled thinking of politicians who think DISARMING their citizens is the way to self defense. It frightens me to see unarmed cops running AWAY from a couple of men in London who are STABBING people in the streets, or cowering behind the doors of their patrol cars watching in France, while Islamic terrorists kill eleven people at a satire newspaper who had the audacity to draw a PICTURE of their “prophet.” And I'm not scared of much of ANYTHING. But the world that the ignorant politicians we have elected are creating scares the hell out of me. For only the second time in my life, I want to get a “carry permit” and carry a gun, so I won't be helpless if attacked. My own BROTHER, an ex Marine who is 70 years old, repulsed two would-be muggers who had knives, with his "sword cane" and now carries HIS gun when he goes out in case they were gang members who might come back with reinforcements. It's a scary world we're living in now, due in no small part to those IGNORANT politicians who think the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves. (Glenn Beck)

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